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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pastor Headed to South Africa

Pastor is "on the road again", or should we say "in the air again" as he is headed to South Africa for a conference and meetings for Good News.  He left Cedar Rapids at 4, and just called a few minutes ago to say he was about 40 minutes from boarding his plane to London.  He'll have an 8 hour layover in London, before headed to his final stop in South Africa.  This trip is 2 days of travel to get there, 4 days of conference/meetings, and 2 days to travel home.  But...he'll only be gone from Sunday - Saturday, so somehow, he's getting an extra couple of days in this week! 

He's looking forward to connecting with our friend Gregoire, who will also be flying in for this conference, and also reconnecting with a couple of old friends from our past who are missionaries in South Africa. 

If he is able to be in touch with me, I'll be posting the updates on the blog.  Be sure to check back!

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