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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Praying the Psalms in Lent

Monday, Feb 25 --Psalm 115
In this time of Lent, may any
sacrifices we make , any good we
do, any enrichment that comes our
way be to the glory of His name.

Tuesday, Feb 26 – Psalm 97
We count on the Lord to treat us
today as He treated us in the past.

Wednesday, Feb 27 – Psalm 27
Praying this Psalm will help you
trust in the Lord for your salvation
and help.

Thursday, Feb 28 – Psalm 30
Although David would not live to
see the completion of the temple,
he prepared a Psalm for its
dedication. We pray this Psalm
thanking Him for the places where
His grace comes to earth.

Friday, Feb 29 -- Psalm 90
This Psalm written by old Moses
teaches us to be thankful for every
day our Lord gives us.

Saturday, March 1 – Psalm 6
Review the ten commandments so
that you are made aware of the
specific sins you have to confess as
you pray this Psalm.

Sunday, March 2 - Psalm 42
Let this Psalm teach you the
forgiveness of God to the faithful.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Youth Valentine's Dinner

Guests arriving at the event were greeted and seated by the host and hostess for the evening, Caleb and Sally.
Kayla, Becca, Cole, David, Halie and Cameron wait for their tables to fill.
Jessie entertained the guests during their dinner with beautiful background music. Rachel assisted her.

Kory, Tim and Kyle were the kitchen assistants.Linda, Lucas and Kyle (above) and Jan and Kory (below) filled the plates with the delicious dinner.A vegetable tray and crackers were served as appetizers, along with a glass of sparkling grape juice. The meal began with a salad, followed by dinner. Guests were given a choice of pork loin or chicken, corn or green beans, and a baked potato. Finally, a delicious dessert of of Eclair cake was served with a choice of strawberry or chocolate topping.Guests of ALL ages had a wonderful time at this year's Youth Valentine's Dinner! Just look at the smiles on Margaret and Connor's faces!

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Praying the Psalms in Lent

Monday, Feb 18 --Psalm 46
God is powerful to save. His power
is seen in nature, in history and on
the Last Day.

Tuesday, Feb 19 – Psalm 85
We count on the Lord to treat us as
good today as He treated us in the

Wednesday, Feb 20 – Psalm 113
Let your attitudes, words, and
actions today be Praise to the Lord.

Thursday, Feb 21 – Psalm 25:1-13
When we read the Psalms or any
other part of the Bible we do so
with the humble expectation that
we can learn something.

Friday, Feb 22 -- Psalm 119:89-96
This longest chapter of the Bible
teaches us the power and goodness
of God’s word. This section teaches
that God’s word is eternal.

Saturday, Feb 23 – Psalm 72
This Psalm written by the great King
Solomon is a praise to the King of
Kings, Jesus.

Sunday, Feb. 24 -Psalm 143
Notice the way the Lord works: “He
lifts up the humble.” Luke 1:52

Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Officers for This year

Jerry Reno-President
Steve Neuendorf-Vice President
Mark Ackley-Treasurer
Rick Haugen-Secretary
Doug Suckow-Financial Secretary
Mark Kruthoff-Councilman-at-large
Anon Anderson-Councilman-at-large

Mark Wendland
Brian Gibson
Matt Schildroth

Monday, February 11, 2008

Preparing to Worship Sunday-Feb. 17

Second Sunday in Lent

The Liturgy will be from page 158

Hymns: (click on the link and scroll down to find the title of the hymn. Click on the hymn to hear the music, and click on the word "lyrics" to read the lyrics to the following hymns)
90--Jesus, Refuge of the Weary
352 -- God Loved the World So That He Gave
242 -- I Come, O Saviour, to Your Table
101 --In the Cross of Christ I GLory
245 --O Jesus, Blessed Lord, My Praise
95 -- Grant, Lord Jesus, that My Healing

The Old Testament Lesson is Genesis 12: 1-9
The New Testament Lesson is Romans 4:1-8
The Gospel Reading is John 3:1-17

Memory Work for Wednesday, Feb. 13

All students are to be able to recite all of the books of the Old Testament by Wednesday.

5-8th graders are to continue working on the Petitions of the Lord's Prayer or Baptism from the Small Catechism, wherever they are. We are working independently, at our own speed for the remainder of this year.

Praying the Psalms, week 2

Once again, please click on the Book and Chapter reference to be taken to that Scripture reading.

Monday, Feb 11 --Psalm 143
When sin and trouble get you feeling down, pray “to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.”

Tuesday, Feb 12 – Psalm 138
Thank God that He answers Your prayer. Go through the Lord’s Prayer to recall how the Lord has answered your prayers.

Wednesday, Feb 13 – Psalm 63
The more you read and reflect on His Word, the more you will desire it and rejoice when that desire is quenched.

Thursday, Feb 14 – Psalm 136
Let this Poem steer your thoughts today to the true source of love.

Friday, Feb 15 -- Psalm 66
As you pray this, you compare the way God delivered you to the way God delivered His people at the Red Sea. It is the same God, and the same deliverance.

Saturday, Feb 16 – Psalm 55:12-22
The Psalms teach us that, at times, we must pray against our enemies. Luther said, “We should pray that our enemies be converted and become our friends and, if not, that their doing and designing be bound to fail and have no success and that their persons perish rather than the Gospel and the Kingdom of Christ.”

Sunday, Feb. 17 - Psalm 132
As we pray, “Thy Kingdom come.” we pray for our church, our synod, all faithful pastors and all of God’s people throughout the world who are by faith, our fellow citizens of the Kingdom.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Praying the Psalms in Lent

Praying the Psalms in Lent.

Throughout the season of Lent, spend some time with the Psalms. Pray the Psalms. They are the Bible’s prayer book. Speak out loud the Psalm assigned for the Day. Make it your prayer to God and your Praise to God. Use these prayers that the Holy Spirit has given us to prepare your heart and mind for Easter celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus from the dead.

(Click on the Scripture reference to be taken directly to the Psalm reading for the day)

Ash Wednesday, Feb 6 --Psalm 130
Begin this season today by praying this prayer of repentance with the sure and certain faith that with Him there is forgiveness.

Thursday, Feb 7 -- Psalm 86
The Lord delights to hear His children humbly come to Him in prayer for help.

Friday, Feb 8 -- Psalm 41
Whatever challenges, pains, and troubles you have, you can pray this prayer looking to God for help.

Saturday, Feb 9 – Psalm 119:33-40
No matter our age or station in life, we still seek the Lord’s teaching.

Sunday, Feb. 10 -- Psalm 31
Meditate on the number of different verbs David uses here in praying for and expecting God’s