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Monday, October 29, 2007

Home again, Home again....

Pastor made it home again. Thanks for all your prayers while he was gone! IT was a very eventful and interesting trip, and keep checking back. We'll add photos as he has time.

The only glitch in the travel came when he arrived in Paris, and discovered that all the Air France workers were on strike, and flights were being canceled left and right. He waited in line from 6 am til 3 or 4 pm and finally was on a several hour late flight to Chicago. Of course, this made him miss the connecting flight to Cedar Rapids, where his excited family was waiting for him. He called while we were at the baggage terminal saying "I just landed in Chicago". He called back a few hours later, saying he was going to be put up in a hotel and would leave at 10 arriving at 11 am on Sunday. The kids and I also stayed at a hotel in CR, just for time sake (and to sleep!), and we did have a joyous reunion. Luggage and all arrived with him. What a glorious few hours we had! Praise God with us for safe travels!

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