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Friday, October 19, 2007

Quick Note from Burkina Faso

Pastor was able to get a quick email connection last night, from Burkina Faso.

He says, "I am in Burkina Faso. with the May family. Every connection went just right. All my luggage was waiting for me in Ouagadougou.

Today I went with James to the Bible study he has. Thursdays they study the catechism. Sundays they study Good News. Then one of the students invited J and me to their house for supper. They live very deep in a large village with no electricity or running water. We arrived at their home after dark. But they were very hospitable and appreciative of me coming.

Ouagadougou is a lot like Cotonou only hotter.

I feel great and have not been jet lagged yet. I slept some on the planes and quite a bit in the airport in Paris."

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