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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Praying the Psalms in Lent

Monday, Feb 25 --Psalm 115
In this time of Lent, may any
sacrifices we make , any good we
do, any enrichment that comes our
way be to the glory of His name.

Tuesday, Feb 26 – Psalm 97
We count on the Lord to treat us
today as He treated us in the past.

Wednesday, Feb 27 – Psalm 27
Praying this Psalm will help you
trust in the Lord for your salvation
and help.

Thursday, Feb 28 – Psalm 30
Although David would not live to
see the completion of the temple,
he prepared a Psalm for its
dedication. We pray this Psalm
thanking Him for the places where
His grace comes to earth.

Friday, Feb 29 -- Psalm 90
This Psalm written by old Moses
teaches us to be thankful for every
day our Lord gives us.

Saturday, March 1 – Psalm 6
Review the ten commandments so
that you are made aware of the
specific sins you have to confess as
you pray this Psalm.

Sunday, March 2 - Psalm 42
Let this Psalm teach you the
forgiveness of God to the faithful.

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