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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Praying the Psalms in Lent

Monday, Feb 18 --Psalm 46
God is powerful to save. His power
is seen in nature, in history and on
the Last Day.

Tuesday, Feb 19 – Psalm 85
We count on the Lord to treat us as
good today as He treated us in the

Wednesday, Feb 20 – Psalm 113
Let your attitudes, words, and
actions today be Praise to the Lord.

Thursday, Feb 21 – Psalm 25:1-13
When we read the Psalms or any
other part of the Bible we do so
with the humble expectation that
we can learn something.

Friday, Feb 22 -- Psalm 119:89-96
This longest chapter of the Bible
teaches us the power and goodness
of God’s word. This section teaches
that God’s word is eternal.

Saturday, Feb 23 – Psalm 72
This Psalm written by the great King
Solomon is a praise to the King of
Kings, Jesus.

Sunday, Feb. 24 -Psalm 143
Notice the way the Lord works: “He
lifts up the humble.” Luke 1:52

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