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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Youth Valentine's Dinner

Guests arriving at the event were greeted and seated by the host and hostess for the evening, Caleb and Sally.
Kayla, Becca, Cole, David, Halie and Cameron wait for their tables to fill.
Jessie entertained the guests during their dinner with beautiful background music. Rachel assisted her.

Kory, Tim and Kyle were the kitchen assistants.Linda, Lucas and Kyle (above) and Jan and Kory (below) filled the plates with the delicious dinner.A vegetable tray and crackers were served as appetizers, along with a glass of sparkling grape juice. The meal began with a salad, followed by dinner. Guests were given a choice of pork loin or chicken, corn or green beans, and a baked potato. Finally, a delicious dessert of of Eclair cake was served with a choice of strawberry or chocolate topping.Guests of ALL ages had a wonderful time at this year's Youth Valentine's Dinner! Just look at the smiles on Margaret and Connor's faces!

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