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Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Few Photos

While Pastor went to a Latvian Worship service, our friend Erik sent the following.

"Here are some pictures for you. Ron is at the Dom Cathedral in Riga right now, sitting as an honored guest at the liturgy.

We both went to an earlier worship service in English (led by the LCMS area missionary...), then Ron decided to stay for the Latvian service. As I already co-presided at a Latvian Eucharist with Bishop Bruvers several days ago, I decided to find an internet cafe instead.

Today we leave on the train for Moscow. We might be able to find further opportunities for email, but the farther East we go, the tougher it will likely get."

Here are a couple of photos that he sent along with that email.  I don't know exactly where they are, or who the others are that are with them, but I'm sure we'll find out those details later!

Baltics and Russia 2008 009

Baltics and Russia 2008 016

Baltics and Russia 2008 051

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