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Monday, June 30, 2008

Pastor in Ekaterinburg

"We flew to ekat. this morning.  an easy uneventful flight, although the ten-year old girl sitting next to me almost puked.
We were met by Pastor Sergei Glushkov at the airport.  We had been warned several times that Glushkov doesn't speak English well and we should speak slowly,  but he's doing great and we are having a good visit.
He said once, "Bishop Lytkin has told me that you have only only had a sandwich and coffee today, so you must be hungry."
"No," we said, "we're fine they gave us lunch on the plane."
A couple of hours later he said, "Konstantin Komarov tells me that maybe you will not be opposed to tasting the local beer."
I said, "that's true."
It is rainy here so we didn't get in the walking tour of the city yet.  but tomorrow will be another day. But at this point in the trip, sight seeing is not the main objective. "

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