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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pastor in Russia - Update

Here are some excerpts from some emails from Pastor in the last 24 hours.

"Today we ate at McDonalds.

The Menu was in Russian, but you could tell that they just borrowed English words, like this BigMaK and Macflurry.

We also saw the Kremlin and some old Russian churches.

Yesterday we did eat at a Russian restaurant that's called MY MY, but in Russian it is pronounced Moo Moo, like the cow says.  It was very good, I had borscht, which is Russian beat soup and salmon. yum."

"We spent today, Wednesday at the warehouse for LHF (Lutheran Heritage Foundation) and GN  (Good News) Then we toured the Kremlin.  We get around by subway.  It is a humongous Metro system with people everywhere.  Sometimes when we go through underground tunnels from one train to another, I would not be surprised to see Sydney Bristol run by.  I do not know how we would do this without Konstantin showing us around and keeping us out of trouble. 

We leave for Novosbirsk tomorrow morning early."

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