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Friday, June 20, 2008

Pastor is in Leipaja, Latvia

Here are some excerpts from an email that I just got from Pastor. 

"Itš a beautiful Saturday morning in Liepaja a city on the Baltic Sea in Latvia.  Not so long ago, it was a very important naval base for the Soviets.  No one could get in unless you had a good reason to visit.  The churches here (we have visited 3) are big and old and beautiful. But they are suffering from many years of lack of upkeep during the Soviet times. 

Latvia has always been a traditionally Lutheran country, ever since 1522 when the first Lutheran sermon was preached here.  (Remember the 95 theses were 1519)  One Latvaian pastor described the situation to us now as this:  In Latvia there are 70% Lutherans, 30% Catholics and 90% agnostics.  That is to say, many will say they are Lutherans but have never been in church or even been baptized.  It seems that GOOD NEWS is providing a needed role to help pastors here.

Itš Saturday at 7:00 am.  and it is very quiet in this city on a Saturday morning.  Erik is still sleeping. And I have been up for an hour or so and taken a walk around the city.  Now I should get some breakfast soon.

We are guests of the Bishop of Leipaja, Pavils Bruvers.  Today we will visit some more, discuss distribution and then he will drive us into the capital city, Riga.  We will try to send some pictures but I can't promise it before Sunday.

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