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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pastor's European Adventures have begun


Pastor departed from Cedar Rapids airport on Sunday afternoon, after one delayed flight.  He called me at around 10 pm from Chicago, just as he was boarding his plane to Copenhagen, where he would have an 8 hour layover, before taking his final flight of the day to Kleipeda, Lithuania.  He arrived there at around midnight (their time) on Monday.  Pastor Arp, our District President is also there, and fortunately, he has cell phone service that allows free text messaging.  Pastor Arp texted me to let me know that Pastor had arrived safe and sound.  Our friend Erik missed a few flights getting out of the US, so he didn't arrive until 24 hours later, but we have heard that he is there now as well, and all seems to be going very well!  Continue to keep them in your prayers!

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